This week we introduce you to the delightful Bel! Bel is a bundle of good vibes and great energy. Her infectious smile, supportive nature and epic sense of humour make her an invaluable member of the Cartel, and she epitomises what the Cupcake Cartel is all about. Most importantly to note... this catch of the century is SINGLE!


Name: Bel Fong

Age: 37

Occupation: Learning & Development Co-Ordinator; Chief Support Crew/Funny Sign Maker

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Nationality: Australian

Years in triathlon: 12

Tell us a bit about yourself, your story, and what attracted you to the sport of triathlon: Mainly the rolling buffet on the bike. Because eating isn't cheating when it comes to triathlon.

If you could offer one piece of advice to other triathletes, what would it be?: No matter how much equipment you buy or how pro you look, white lycra will never be acceptable.Side note: get a coach. Best decision I ever made.

Bel 2.jpg

Why did you choose to be part of the Cartel?: The team represents everything I value in triathlon; fun, sport and laughter. I've also been a fan of Cupcakes with Cal since its inception on YouTube. I love the authenticity of the group and being able to connect with hilarious individuals from all over the world. It's not always just about the swim-bike-run.

If you were a cupcake, what flavour would you be and who would likely eat you?: Salted caramel; the perfect combo of sweet & salty. They're also pretty hard to resist (a bit like my Tinder profile)

How has triathlon changed your life for the better?: I get to look at fit men all the time. What's not to love?? (single men of Sydney, I'm available)

BEL 3.jpg